The first phase of the Conflux network goes live

Conflux announced that the first phase of the network was officially launched. Conflux said that the launch of the network means that users can formally participate and experience Conflux’s high-performance underlying network and ecological services. According to Conflux’s plan, after the first phase of the network operation is stable, the second phase of the Conflux network will be launched and introduced to the miner community to provide users with more computing power and a higher level of security. At the same time, the Conflux PoW mining algorithm will also be synchronized online. After about two months of stable operation in the second phase, the third phase of the Conflux network will be fully functional, and the economic model will be released at this stage, and the miner community can participate freely. Conflux also said that the first decentralized trading application based on the Conflux network, MoonDEX, will officially start public beta today. Conflux stated that the importance of the first phase of the network is to provide a stable underlying network environment for partners on the Conflux ecosystem to test and develop DApps. In addition to the already implemented DEX applications and DEX ecology, Conflux will also vigorously support the development of DApps in various fields from the level of resources, funds, and teams.