Bitmain: Zhan Ke Tuan and Fujian Zhanhua’s shareholder qualification confirmation case has not yet been heard

Regarding the previously reported “maintaining the original ruling in the dispute between Bitmain and Zhanke Group’s shareholder qualification confirmation”, Bitmain specially clarified the statement as follows: 1. The case is that Zhanke Group sued Fujian Zhanhua Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. Zhanhua), requesting the court to confirm its 36% stake in Fujian Zhanhua. 2. The ruling reported by the media is only a procedural jurisdiction ruling, that is, the Fuzhou Intermediate People ’s Court finally ruled that the case should be tried by the Fuzhou Changle District People ’s Court. The case of the confirmation of the shareholder qualification between Zhan Ketuan and Fujian Zhanhua has not yet been heard, let alone the final judgment. 3. Zhan Ketuan proposed that it holds 36% of the equity of Fujian Zhanhua without factual and legal basis. 4. The Zhanke regiment ignored the common interests of the company and all employees and filed a lawsuit maliciously during the special period of the epidemic, which interfered with the company’s normal operations and undermined the policy of national stability and growth.