Xiao Feng: The epidemic of the century is the third-level booster for human digital migration

Xiao Feng, founder of Wanxiang Blockchain Lab, said in the online live program “Science World” that the Epidemic of the Century is the third-level booster of human digital migration, and Zoom is a very good case of the digitalization of the epidemic. Tools for digital migration include: Internet (Internet of Things), blockchain, cloud computing (fog computing / edge computing), and AI. These tools have been very well developed in the past five years, making data qualitative changes from quantitative changes to new Economic energy. Regarding blockchain and central bank digital currency related topics, Xiao Feng said that the digital currency issued by the central bank does not require blockchain technology for credit reporting, it is a centralized currency issuance. Compliant digital currency, in addition to the central bank’s digital currency, the other is Facebook Libra’s digital currency, which is linked to the US dollar and has reserves. Libra is characterized by decentralized issuance of coins. Libra is characterized by decentralized issuance of coins. In the future, there will be competition between the two, and it will be very exciting. He also said that the current blockchain is not decentralized for fundamentalism. It is not decentralized for decentralization. It is only used to increase the welfare of human beings. “I understand the most important point in science It ’s rational. Looking at problems without a standpoint and without prejudice is science. Without a scientific attitude, you ca n’t understand blockchain and Bitcoin. ”