Jiangxi cracked down on MLM, focusing on cracking down on online MLM including virtual currency

The Jiangxi Provincial Market Supervision Bureau and the Jiangxi Provincial Public Security Bureau jointly issued the “Joint Action Plan for Cracking Down on MLM Remediation in 2020” to combat remediation MLM with high pressure. The joint action focused on cracking down on illegal activities of MLM under the name of 1040 project, capital operation, chain sales, etc., and under the banner of the party and the country and policy guidelines, as well as free travel, virtual currency, micro-business, financial mutual assistance, consumer rebates, Blockchain, e-commerce, foreign exchange speculation, military-civilian integration, the Belt and Road Initiative, etc., and the implementation of online MLM under the guise of “direct sales”, have hit hard against evil forces. The action plan was issued on the 24th and officially released today (27th).