HBTC hobbitcoin HBC is about to go online for trading

The HBTC hobbit exchange platform currency HBC will be launched at 21:00 on April 27, Singapore time, and HBC / USDT and HBC / BTC trading pairs will be opened. HBC is the platform currency of the new token model launched by the HBTC hobbit trading platform. It has been upgraded and translated from the original platform currency BHT. The exchange channel of BHT and HBC has been opened. The exchange ratio is 1 HBC = 23.887 BHT. change. On the basis of guaranteeing the original BHT rights and interests, HBTC has made two major innovations: the new 10 times PE pricing repurchase model and the Hobbit captain incentive model. In addition, HBTC has also launched platform asset transparency and transaction data trust mechanisms: 100% exchange reserve certificate, 100% exchange income certificate and financial statements to ensure the safety of user assets and enhance the credibility of transaction income.