Institutional-level bitcoin exchange LGO online credit service, no need to prepay funds to buy bitcoin

Institutional-level bitcoin exchange LGO launched credit services, which means that institutional users can conduct cryptocurrency transactions without prepaid funds. After passing the risk assessment, customers can obtain up to “millions” of credit lines to trade bitcoin, and then repay the arrears at the time of settlement. LGO said that customers do not have to deposit funds and there is no risk of hacking. This is a scalable and flexible financing method. In addition, this credit line service can be extended to a clearing house. LGO is located in France and was established in April 2019. It currently serves more than 50 institutional clients in 20 countries. Earlier, Lianwen had reported that market maker B2C2 acquired part of the equity and tokens of the institutional-level bitcoin exchange LGO. B2C2 is a market maker for the LGO exchange and provides liquidity for LGO.