IRISnet integrated oracle network Chainlink will provide cross-chain data services for business applications

IRISnet announced that it will integrate the distributed oracle network Chainlink in IRIS Hub, which will provide cross-chain data connection services for complex business scenarios. By providing IRIS Hub with easy-to-access oracle service Chainlink, developers are allowed to build decentralized applications that not only support cross-chain but also integrate secure and real-time off-chain price update oracles. This integration will provide smart contracts supported by Chainlink for those blockchains that do not support smart contracts (such as most of the blockchains developed based on the Cosmos SDK), which not only support cross-chain interactions, but also connect to traditional non-chain infrastructure. According to, IRISnet is an independent blockchain in the Cosmos ecosystem and is committed to becoming a one-stop shop for blockchain services. IRISnet mainly focuses on cross-chain communication and interaction with non-blockchain systems through the preset module iService.