The public chain Solana’s circulation is doubtful: in addition to 8 million circulation tokens, the foundation lent another 11.36 million tokens to the market maker

Recently, the public chain project Solana, which has just completed the token auction on Coinlist and listed on Binance, has revealed the questionable amount of circulation of tokens. Although the exchange and the project party have publicized on multiple channels, the current total circulation of Solana tokens is about It was 8.26 million (including 8 million tokens auctioned by Coinlist and 260,000 tokens airdropped), but some currency holders questioned the Solana team in the telegram group, saying that it was discovered that the Solana Foundation had lent 11.36 million generations to market makers currency. The Solana team confirmed in the telegram group: “At present, 8.26 million Solana tokens have been distributed, and 11.36 million tokens are loaned to market makers for liquidity purposes.” The team also said, “According to Coinmarketcap By definition, the tokens held by market makers are not counted in the liquidity. “As of press time, the Solana team did not respond to the question of” whether 11.36 million tokens have been distributed to market makers and can be circulated in the market “raised by Lianwen. No further explanation was given to the user’s doubts.