Public chain Solana confirms that the total circulation is nearly 20 million, and 11.36 million tokens lent to market makers are “unlocked”

In response to the doubts of the currency holders about the circulation of the public chain project Solana, the Solana team issued an announcement confirming that the Solana Foundation has loaned 11.36 million tokens to the market maker, and these tokens loaned to the market maker are “unlocked.” . The Solana team also stated that when talking about the project’s liquidity in the past, the 11.36 million tokens were not included, but when the liquidity data is provided in the future, the 11.36 million tokens loaned to the market maker will be included. Before the Solana team announced that the total circulation of Solana tokens was about 8.26 million (including 8 million tokens auctioned by Coinlist and 260,000 tokens airdropped), plus 11.36 million tokens lent to market makers, Solana The current accurate circulation should be around 19.62 million. The team stated: “These tokens are unlocked when they are lent to the market maker and are not under the control of the foundation. Employees or managers of Solana Labs or the Solana Foundation will not profit from the sale of these tokens. “