Opinion: Small miners may face the risk of failure after Bitcoin halves

According to The Block report, Wang Chun, co-founder of F2Pool, said that the upcoming halving of bitcoin will expose smaller, under-prepared miners to the risk of failure. Large mines, because of their better economies of scale, can survive reduced mining rewards or price fluctuations. Alejandro de la Torre, vice president of Poolin (coin), also stated that if miners have high electricity costs and older mining machine models, they may face the risk of closure due to unprofitability. In April, F2Pool and Poolin jointly controlled more than 36% of Bitcoin’s hash rate or network processing capacity. In addition, De La Torre said that Coin India recently opened an office in Berlin and plans to expand its scale by the end of this year. Wang Chun also said that F2Pool is hiring developers and analysts. According to the news of the chain, OKLink’s OKLink data shows that at the current block production rate, Bitcoin is expected to be halved on May 13. At that time, the block reward will be reduced from the current 12.5 to 6.25.