Forbes: US lawmakers have submitted 32 encryption and blockchain bills for consideration in the 116th Congress

According to Forbes statistics, the US House of Representatives and Senators proposed 32 bills related to cryptocurrencies and blockchain in the 116th Congress, 12 of which deal with the use of encryption in potential terrorism, money laundering, population and sex transactions Currency issues, 13 bills focus on the regulatory framework and treatment of cryptocurrencies and blockchain; 5 bills refer to the way the US government uses blockchain technology; the latest two bills cover the concept of digital dollars, Both bills are dedicated to better economic stimulus to the United States under the global pandemic of new coronavirus pneumonia (COVID-19). There may be more and more legislation on central bank digital currencies. As cryptocurrencies and blockchain continue to develop globally, it is expected that the 117th Congress will also enact similar regulations on these topics. Lianwen note that the term of the 116th US Congress will begin on January 3, 2019 and end on January 3, 2021.