OKEx mining pool is connected to Ethereum 2.0 Topaz test network, and nodes are running stably

The OKEx mining pool is now connected to the Ethereum 2.0 Topaz testnet, which is the first large-scale mining pool that is publicly connected to the Ethereum 2.0 testnet, and the nodes are currently operating stably. Ethereum 2.0 will operate with a PoS mechanism. The Topaz testnet is released by Ethereum 2.0 construction team Prysmatic Labs. It is the only complete Ethereum 2.0 mainnet configuration testnet. The OKEx mining pool stated that it will carry out more cooperation with the development team Prysmatic Lab to promote the ecological construction of Ethereum. Lianwen previously reported that in mid-April, Prysmatic Labs announced the launch of the Topaz test network and the first phase of Ethereum 2.0 (Phase 0).