Bitcoin gift card service CardCoins provides funding for Bitcoin Core developers

The Bitcoin gift card service CardCoins published a blog saying that it has joined a series of cryptocurrency companies to jointly provide funding support for Bitcoin Core developers. At present, CardCoins and another technology financial company Payvant have provided Bitcoin Core contributor Hennadii Stepanov for a year With the support of Hennadii Stepanov, he has been engaged in software system development, network stack and peer review for more than two years. This grant will make Stepanov retire from university work and work on Bitcoin Core full-time. The blog published by CardCoins said, “Open source projects are usually funded by the beneficiaries of the software, and Bitcoin Core is an important part of the CardCoins infrastructure, which allows CardCoins to benefit from Bitcoin Core.” Previously, Lianwen had reported that The largest contributors to Bitcoin Core’s financial support are Chaincode Labs, followed by Blockstream, MIT DCI, DG Labs, Square Crypto, Hardcore Fund, private donors, BitMEX and Xapo. The newly added CardCoins is the smallest startup among the funders of the Bitcoin Core team.