Media: Bitmain’s revenue in the first four months exceeded US $ 300 million, and the AI ​​business grew rapidly

According to the blockchain report of Wu said from the media, before the May Day, Bitmain internally announced that the company’s revenue in April before 2020 will exceed US $ 300 million, and the AI ​​business has grown rapidly. In addition, employees will be awarded a special bonus of 51 million worth of tens of millions. Bitmain pointed out that the construction / renovation of four mines in the world; the absolute value of the computing power of the two mining pools has increased. The third-generation cloud AI chip BM1684 was mass-produced and shipped, achieving breakthroughs for multiple major customers, and receiving tens of millions of orders for the final payment. The fourth-generation cloud AI chip BM1686 is also being planned for upgrade. Finally, Bitmain also announced that it will issue a May 1 bonus to all employees, capping 70,000 per person.