Nervos DAO locks in CKB totals over 5 billion, up nearly 16% from last month

According to Nervos Explorer, the total locked amount of Nervos DAO has exceeded 5 billion, accounting for 35% of CKB’s circulation, which is an increase of nearly 16% compared with the same period last month (4.3 billion), and once again hit a record high. The total number of locked addresses in Nervos DAO exceeds 2471. In the secondary issuance, the destroyed quantity accounted for 77.4% of the total issuance, the mining reward accounted for 14.5%, and the lock-in subsidy accounted for 8.1% of the total issuance. Nervos CKB network computing power has also shown a substantial increase recently, having exceeded 7 PH / s, a 3.6-fold increase from the same period last month (1.94 PH / s). The difficulty of mining has exceeded 55P, a three-fold increase over the same period last month (18.2P). According to, Nervos CKB is a multi-asset value storage public chain based on the PoW consensus mechanism, and its mainnet has been running stably for 5 months since its launch.