CCTV Finance: The central bank digital currency will start with the replacement of banknotes and coins in circulation

According to the CCTV Financial Report, recently, Dong Ximiao, a special researcher of the National Finance and Development Laboratory, said, “You can open a bank account or a payment account. As long as you have a digital currency wallet, you can use the central bank digital currency. The latest dual offline technology can be used even when there is no mobile phone signal. As long as the mobile phone equipped with a digital currency wallet is touched together, you can easily complete the transfer or payment. “At the same time, the central bank The issued digital currency starts with the replacement of banknotes and coins in circulation, that is to say, assuming that the currency in circulation is now 100 yuan, the central bank digital currency will replace the equivalent of 100 yuan. Xu Yuan, a senior researcher at the Peking University Digital Finance Research Center, said, “The new digital currency is exchanged one-to-one with our previous paper currency. Now commercial banks must exchange the previous currency for digital currency without increasing the total amount. This is the first step, and the total amount will not be increased during the pilot. “