Maker Foundation appoints 4 board members and adds 2 external independent directors

The Maker Foundation re-appoints members of the board of directors and will consist of two foundation members and two independent members. The four members are MakerDAO founder and Maker Foundation CEO Rune Christensen, Maker Foundation Chief Operating Officer Steven Becker, Chairman of the Board of Directors Franklin Pierce Law School Tonya M. Evans, TrueLayer COO and Chief Compliance Officer Shefali Roy. According to the Maker Foundation, the role of the new board of directors is to oversee the foundation’s strategy and financial direction. It will also regularly review the progress of the foundation’s leadership in achieving strategic goals, and can also approve strategic adjustments if necessary. The Maker Foundation emphasizes that no board member has any special supervision of MakerDAO, the Maker agreement or the Maker community. That is, the board ’s focus is to make the Foundation guide MakerDAO into a sustainable project, while the Maker Foundation ’s leadership is to Responsible for internal daily decisions. In addition, the Maker Foundation is looking for a third independent director.