The Web3.0 training camp initiated by Wanxiang announced the first 15 selected teams, which will be launched next month

The first phase of recruitment of “Web3.0 Bootcamp” (Web3.0 Training Camp) initiated by Wanxiang Blockchain Lab, New Chain Space, Parity, and Web3.0 Foundation has been completed, and 15 project teams from around the world have been selected . Web3.0 Bootcamp is a 6-month training camp, originally planned to train 12 teams. Due to the large number of excellent teams registered, the training team was expanded to 15 teams. The selected teams will be systematically trained and incubated in the training camp. Next, build the future of web3.0 through the Substrate technology framework and Polkadot network. According to the plan, Web3.0 Bootcamp will hold a camping ceremony on May 7 and officially start training. The 15 teams are: ABMatrix, Acala Network, Advanca, Ankr, Bifrost, BlockTEST, Celer Network, Crust, Darwinia Network, Dimension, HashKey Me, MYKEY, Phala Network, Plasm, Stafi.