Tencent releases blockchain industry accelerator to find 30 co-builders of blockchain industry ecological nodes

Tencent officially released the blockchain accelerator “Tencent Industrial Accelerator-Blockchain”, focusing on the three major directions of technology, services and application scenarios. The purpose of the blockchain accelerator is to integrate the global blockchain industry resources, link excellent blockchain enterprises, and jointly promote independent innovation of blockchain technology to help technology applications land in industry scenarios. In addition, Tencent Blockchain Accelerator is currently looking for 30 blockchain industry eco-node co-builders. The three major recruitment directions are: 1. Industrial Blockchain Solution Providers—Provide Blockchain for various industries / vertical fields Solutions and products; 2. Industrial blockchain infrastructure providers-provide the underlying infrastructure and public infrastructure of the blockchain; 3. Industrial blockchain peripheral service providers-integrate industry technologies / scenes and other resources for the landing Application provides services.