The review of the Zhanke regiment was successful, and Bitmain stated that it would not affect the fact that the Zhanke regiment is not the legal representative of Beijing Bit

Mining machine manufacturer Bitmain issued a statement saying that the Haidian District Judicial Bureau of Beijing on April 28, 2020 revoked the company’s decision to change the legal representative on January 2. The judicial intervention of Bitmain’s legal person change was due to the administrative reconsideration filed by the Jenke regiment on February 12. Bitmain stated that it did not agree with the decision of the Haidian District Judicial Bureau, saying that it “crudely interfered in the internal autonomy of the company through administrative means” and that it will “resolutely file an administrative lawsuit.” It also said that the decision on reconsideration will not affect the Jenke regiment. The fact of the legal representative of Beijing Bit, in view of the fact that the Zhan Tuan is not the legal representative of Beijing Bit, has no right to exercise its power as a legal representative. If the company acts as a legal representative of Beijing Bit and causes losses to the company, the company reserves the right to pursue the civil or criminal liability of the party and related parties.