More than 40 projects will support tBTC launched on May 11

Keep announced that more than 40 industry partners will support tBTC, which will be launched on May 11, including decentralized platforms, aggregation platforms, exchanges, wallets, stakers, signers, Auditors and escrow providers. Among them, three platforms, MakerDAO, Compound and Uniswap, which account for three quarters of open finance, will integrate tBTC as the implementation of BTC on Ethereum. Other integrated tBTC include Nuo, Set, SODA, Curve Finance, PieDAO, Shell Protocol, Balancer, Alkemi, Zerion, Staked’s RAY, Gitcoin, Radar Relay, Loopring, 1inch, Kyber, DeversiFi, Token Terminal, Argent, Exodus, Wyre and Authoreum, regulatory partners include Coinbase hosting, Anchorage, and Bison Trails, Staked Figment, Stake Capital and Blockdaemon are pledgers on the network. On June 8th, tBTC will allow anyone to participate as a signer, earning revenue by contributing bridges between Ethereum and Bitcoin.