Lendf.Me establishes an insurance fund and a “Better Future” bounty program, and provides 2 million DF platform currency compensation to users who have suffered hacking incidents

Lendf.Me issued a public statement to establish a dForce insurance fund, which was used to compensate for problems in the dForce system and caused economic losses to users. Lendf.Me will use 5% of the DF platform currency as the insurance fund’s starting capital. In the future, part of the fee income generated by the various agreements under the dForce platform (currently tentatively 10%, the specific proportion of each future agreement will be decided by the DF holder) will directly enter the insurance fund to provide additional protection for dForce users. In addition, Lendf.Me will also set up a $ 500,000 “Better Future” bounty program to encourage responsible white hat hackers (responsible hacking) to actively participate in dForce’s running protocols and products for vulnerability and stress testing. In addition, Lendf.Me will also come up with 2,000,000 DF platform coins, which will be given to users who are affected by the hacker attack on April 19 in proportion. The specific allocation rules will be announced in the near future.