Anhui provincial government blockchain platform goes live

According to a report from People’s Daily, recently, the first government blockchain platform in Anhui Province was completed, the “Blockchain + Electronic License” application was launched on the “Anhui Office” platform, and the blockchain application officially landed in Anhui Province’s government services. . As the first “blockchain + electronic license” application scenario, the lawyer’s practice certificate has provided services to the public through the “Wanshitong” My Card Pack. In the next step, the Provincial Data Resources Bureau will rely on the “Anhui General Office” platform to fully expand the application of blockchain technology in the field of government services. At the same time, strengthen the technical support capacity of Anhui Province’s blockchain platform, encourage all units in the province to join the alliance chain, rely on the “Anhui General Office” platform to develop and deploy blockchain technology in the urban brain, smart transportation, judicial certificate storage, security supervision, etc. Application, thereby promoting the rapid development of the blockchain industry.