Ouke Cloud Chain OKLink blockchain browser adds full-cycle, multi-dimensional statistical data

Ouke Cloud Chain’s OKLink blockchain browser officially launched the BTC currency statistics page. This statistical upgrade covers the full cycle and multi-dimensional data of BTC since January 3, 2009. The statistical data page is divided into four parts: general statistics, blocks and mining, addresses, and transactions. Each part is subdivided into multiple key indicators, including historical currency prices, network-wide difficulty, new addresses, and large-value transactions. Users can click the chart on the statistical data page to enter the corresponding detail page. At the same time, statistical data in different dimensions has also been added to the block and address details pages. Oklink OKLink Blockchain Browser (oklink.com) is an information service application created by the blockchain big data listed company Oukeyunchain. It aims to present fast, accurate and comprehensive on-chain data to provide users with Professional and personalized data analysis services.