UMA co-founder responds to FOMO question: Uniswap is only listed to try price discovery

The financial contract infrastructure UMA governance token was launched in Uniswap in just 4 hours, and the price has risen from the initial value of about 0.26 US dollars to about 1.2 US dollars. This mechanism has caused widespread controversy, and is known as the “one-time FOMO strategy” and “the team’s purposeful price manipulation.” Su Zhu, the chief executive of the hedge fund Three Arrows Capital, also called it a more cunning Ponzi scheme than ICO. . In this regard, UMA co-founder Allison Lu replied to Lianwen that the listing of UMA tokens on Uniswap was just to try the initial price discovery and token distribution. Of course, this requires some compromise. Moreover, no one of the early investors participated in the UMA token sell-off. The tokens held by the team will be locked until 2021, and there are additional share cashing plans. You may underestimate people’s FOMO mentality, and should pay more attention to the price mechanism of Uniswap’s automatic market making. Allison Lu said, “We hope that the market price of UMA tokens will stabilize. We will share a document tomorrow to collect feedback from the community.” In what way does the foundation allocate 35 million tokens to developers and users? “