Private chain platform Props received $ 2 million in financing and will move to Algorand

Props, a private-chain platform, announced that it will raise approximately US $ 2 million in financing through token sales. It will be led by Union Square Ventures (USV) and Borderless Capital (formerly Algo Capital), which will include GSR, Lvna Capital, SPiCE VC, CoinFund and Investors and strategic partners including the Group participate together. Props is committed to building a win-win network that rewards APP participants with financial equity. They will use this financing to integrate more consumer APPs to expand their user networks, and will upgrade their infrastructure by migrating their private chain platform PropsChain to the open source public chain Algorand. Props is the first consumer token approved by the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to comply with Regulation A + exemption regulations, and its users have exceeded 3 million. The application can improve the participation of users by integrating Props tokens, and win-win cooperation with users.