Telegram: No return to investors willing to borrow in tokens

According to Coindesk, Telegram said on Monday that after discussing with the regulatory authorities and lawyers, it was decided that after delaying the release of its blockchain project TON, the loan option offered to investors willing to wait longer will not be token In the form of payment to investors. In addition, Telegram is seeking to immediately buy US investors’ shares. This means that the loan option previously proposed by Telegram still exists, but the payment will not be made in cryptocurrency. Chain News previously quoted Coindesk reports that Telegram postponed the new launch date of its blockchain project TON until April 2021. Telegram plans to return up to 72% of each investor’s funds. In addition, Telegram also provides an alternative option for investors. Investors can now lend their investment to Telegram and obtain 110% of the original investment before April 30, 2021, and Telegram can use TON’s Gram token or Another cryptocurrency to repay.

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