Media: Telegram only offers US investors the option to refund 72% of their investment

The Russian media The Bell received a new email sent to investors by the Telegram team. After Telegram decided to postpone the release of the blockchain project TON, the only option currently available to US investors is to obtain 72% of the investment funds. This is to reduce unnecessary regulatory risks. This means that US investors cannot lend their investments to Telegram. In the morning, according to Coindesk, Telegram will not pay back investors who are willing to borrow in the form of tokens. Lianwen previously reported that Telegram postponed the new launch date of its blockchain project TON until April 2021. Investors have the right to recover 72% of the investment funds, or renew a loan agreement, lend their investment to Telegram, and receive 110% of the original investment by April 30, 2021.

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