DeFi protocol Synthetix launches Optimistic Rollup demonstration, which can reduce the oracle update delay by 37.5 times

The DeFi protocol Synthetix and the Ethereum Layer 2 research team Optimism launched an OVM-based demo. Compared with the average transaction time of 15 seconds on the Ethereum mainnet, this Synthetix demo can reduce the oracle update delay and transaction delay by 37.5 times and 75 times, respectively. At the same time, the gas charges related to the oracle and transaction can be reduced by 27.2 times and 143 times, respectively. The full name of OVM is Optimistic Virtual Machine, which is the virtual machine of Optimistic Rollup, the second-layer extension solution of Ethereum. When developers use Optimistic Rollup, they can use the same developer toolset and smart contract language as EVM.