Former American Express and Credit Suisse executives join BlockFi

BlockFi hired Wittney Rachlin, former vice president of American Express, as chief growth officer, and David Olsson as global managing director for the European and Asian markets. Wittney Rachlin will be responsible for leading the growth business, including marketing, business development, and multiple payment products including the Bitcoin reward card that will be launched later this year. BlockFi is expected to launch the first round of bitcoin reward cards in the fourth quarter of 2020. The first batch of products will be tested among BlockFi employees and other strategic customers. A full card issuance plan is planned for 2021. Wittney Rachlin has 20 years of experience in financial services and most recently held executive leadership positions at Prudential Financial and American Express. During the 14 years that American Express was responsible for consumption and business growth, she managed to increase the revenue of four business credit cards by 20%. David Olsson will be responsible for the growth of BlockFi’s institutional services to oversee business development, risk management and sales strategies across the European and Asian markets. David Olsson has 20 years of experience in financial services and once operated a private banking team at Credit Suisse, focusing on ultra-high net worth clients. In addition, BlockFi will also add three new directors to the team: Rob Margolis, former vice president of sales at LedgerX, will serve as director of institutional services at BlockFi, Mitch Port, former strategic director of Kraken, and director of strategy and analysis, and former product operations and Strategy manager Dylan Stigliano will serve as business operations director.