Ouke Cloud Link OKLink: BTC halves the countdown into the last 5 days, the entire network computing power increases slightly

According to OKLink’s halving countdown page on Ouke Cloud Chain, BTC halving countdown entered the last 5 days. As of 10:00 a.m. Beijing time on May 6, the remaining 866 blocks were halved. The current computing power of the entire BTC network is 119.90EH / s, which is an upward trend compared with 24 hours ago. The current difficulty of the entire network is 16.10T. It is expected that the next difficulty adjustment will occur on May 19. According to the current trend of computing power growth, the difficulty will continue to rise next time. At that time, due to the halving and the increase in difficulty, BTC’s entire network computing power is expected to usher in a substantial reduction.