Strike Protocol, a project supported by Binance Labs and supporting decentralized perpetual contract transactions through AMM, releases a white paper, and plans to launch the mainnet this summer

The Taiwan-based DeFi project Strike Protocol invested by Binance Labs officially released the white paper, and plans to release the Alpha version and launch it on the mainnet this summer. According to the official website, Strike Protocol is a decentralized perpetual contract transaction protocol that automates market maker AMM and supports each asset. Strike Protocol stated that its decentralized perpetual contract has 20 times long and short leverage ratio, non-custodial, no trust, anti-censorship, guarantee liquidity through AMM, support blockchain assets and off-chain assets such as gold, crude oil nature. The Strike Protocol also stated that it will use the feed from Chainlink every hour to minimize the use of the oracle. It is worth noting that Strike Protocol will launch the native token SKE, but the project did not mention the token allocation information of its SKE token this time. The Strike Protocol team is located in Taiwan. The co-founders are Feng Yanwen Tempo and Shao-Kang Lee. According to, Yenwen Feng is the co-founder and CEO of Decore. Before that, he was involved in the creation of Cinch Network, Cubie Messenger, Gamelet and Willmobile (Taiwan mobile financial service application, which was later acquired by Systex). Shao-Kang Lee previously created the application POPAPP, which was acquired by Marvel in 2016.