UMA may distribute 35 million UMA tokens in a “ slow before fast ” mode

UMA co-founder Allison Lu tweeted and announced feedback from the community that most community members prefer the “slow first and fast” distribution model, or use the S-curve to fine-tune and then distribute a large number of tokens; , More people choose to allocate rewards based on target actions rather than personal data. In terms of mechanism selection, a few people want to conduct targeted airdrops, while others believe that the airdrop model is harmful. In addition, there is controversy regarding the choice of a mechanism based on mining or lock-in airdrop. Many people support distribution through the gamification mechanism, such as rewarding users with value to the ecosystem through the leaderboard mechanism. Yu encourages developers to develop user interfaces. However, there are objections that actions outside the incentive agreement are “legally gray areas.” So far, the “slow first, then fast” allocation has the best effect. UMA will officially include the 2020 summer allocation plan in the UMIP for further discussion, and it will be reviewed by UMA holders in June. Earlier, Lianwen had reported that the UMA Foundation collected feedback from the community to find the best way to distribute 35 million tokens to developers and users.