Beijing Lian’an: Upbit’s involved address 4100 ETH entered the money laundering process, 1469 ETH has flowed into the exchange

Beijing Chainan Chainsmap monitoring system found that, in the early morning of May 6, Beijing time, after performing a test transfer of 100 ETH at the address of Upbit, 2000 ETH was transferred out twice, which is a total of 4100 ETH. After a simple transfer, the relatively small amount with OTC transaction characteristics will be collected at the address beginning with 0x8bbf84. It is worth noting that as of 1 o’clock noon, some small amounts of ETH flowed into an exchange through 22 transactions through the same deposit address, with a total of 1469 ETH. The last time that Upbit was involved in the large amount of ETH in the money laundering process was still during the Chinese New Year, more than 100 days ago.