Cambridge Emerging Financial Center launches bitcoin mining map, data provided by China ’s three largest mining pools

The Cambridge Emerging Financial Center (CCAF) announced the launch of an interactive bitcoin mining map, which shows the average monthly share of bitcoin computing power (speed of calculations performed by miners across the network) by country or region, and provides China Visualization of provincial computing power distribution. The map is drawn using aggregated geographic location data, which is provided directly by the three major mining pools:, Coin Seal, and ViaBTC. CCAF stated that this is the first time this data has been published, which provides investors, policy makers, academic researchers and the public with greater transparency and a reliable industry outlook. Apolline Blandin, head of the cryptocurrency and blockchain at CCAF, said, “Now that Bitcoin is halved in less than a week, we believe this timely distribution of computing power distribution map will become a reliable data to support in-depth and significant research. The addition of more mining pools will improve the accuracy and reliability of the computing power distribution map in subsequent iterations. We also plan to add more functions in the future to better represent areas with a large amount of computing power activity. “CCAF currently An interactive dashboard (Dashboard) is being developed that will display data from the emerging financial industry collected by the CCAF Research Center, including mining maps and other visual data.