Ethereum founder Vitalik released the paper “Stateless Cryptocurrency aSVC”, which can achieve extremely low communication and computing overhead

Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin and a number of researchers have published a paper called “Stateless Cryptocurrency Aggregable Sub-Vector Commitment (aSVC)”. Proofs are aggregated into a single small sub-vector proof. This paper formalizes aSVC, gives an effective construction of prime order groups from a constant-size polynomial commitment, and uses it to guide an efficient stateless cryptocurrency. According to the paper, aSVC’s stateless cryptocurrency can achieve very low communication and computing overhead, including reducing the block proof size, reducing block verification time, and reducing the block space occupied by the update key (which can reduce the storage space requirements of miners ). The co-publishing members of this paper include MIT electronic engineering and computer science graduate student Alin Tomescu, Ethereum Foundation researcher Dankrad Feist, Cambridge Bitcoin gathering group and OpenBazaar founder Justin Drake, VMware Israel research group founding member Ittai Abraham Mmit PoW algorithm designer Dmitry Khovratovich.