Alpha Sigma Capital, a crypto hedge fund founded by Nasdaq executives, has raised $ 100 million

Crypto hedge fund Alpha Sigma Capital announced that it has raised $ 100 million. The fund was officially launched in early January this year and focuses on investing in cryptocurrency and blockchain companies. The fund was co-founded by Enzo Villani, co-founder and strategic managing director of NASDAQ Enterprise Solutions, along with Coinbase and early investor Tezos Michael Onghai. Enzo Villani said, “As a hedge fund, this fund has the flexibility to invest in types of investment products such as tokens, bonds, stocks, derivatives, etc., so that investors can not only be protected downward but also focus on high returns.” The fund’s publicly announced investments include the blockchain protocol Factom, the distributed artificial intelligence platform SingularityNet, and the new search engine Presearch / Dsearch.