Antminer E3 may be phased out of Ethereum mining. It is expected that the computing power of the entire Ethereum network will be significantly reduced.

Ethereum ProgPow algorithm proposer and researcher Kristy-Leigh Minehan said that as the crypto mining giant Bitmain launched the Ethash algorithm dedicated miner Antminer E3 in 2018, it will be obsolete, and Ethereum’s entire network computing power may drop 20% next year To 30%. She also said, “As the DAG file size of the Ethash algorithm’s stored data set used by Ethereum increases, some Ethereum miners, including Antminer E3, will fail, and the network’s computing power is expected to gradually decline.” According to data, the current Ethash DAG file size is 3.52 GB. According to the mining machine data of F2Pool Yuchi, Antminer E3 is still profitable at the current electricity cost of 0.38 yuan per kWh, and the electricity cost accounts for about 51%. At the same time, Kristy-Leigh Minehan believes that the estimated reduction of the Ethereum’s entire network power by 20% to 30% is not only caused by the potential elimination of Antminer E3, but also the ASIC and GPU mining equipment of all other Ethash algorithms is also slowly decreasing. At the same time, EthHub co-founder Eric Conner also said in a blog post published this week, “The biggest concern is that the decline in Ethereum’s computing power will lead to a shorter attack window, and the difficulty of producing blocks is very low. There is no motive for a 51% attack.