Storj launches Tardigrade and Tardigrade Connectors, decentralized cloud storage services

Storj, a decentralized storage network, announces the launch of Tardigrade, a distributed storage service, and Tardigrade Connectors, which can be used to integrate other open source cloud storage applications. This blockchain-based cloud storage service is available for businesses and individuals to securely store files and data For integrating Kafkaesque, Fluree and other applications. Storj said that the cloud storage open source network has been tested and currently has 19 PB (19 million gigabytes) of available capacity and is hosted on thousands of nodes operated by individuals and partners around the world. There are 3,000 users. Storj co-founder and chief strategy officer Shawn Wilkinson said, “The company starts at about 50% of the price of a traditional cloud storage provider including AMS, but the service has no storage cap, meaning users can store any number of platforms on the platform The data”. Lianwen previously reported that Storj’s network structure has a third-party role responsible for coordinating all storage contracts between storage users and storage nodes, called a trusted Satellite. The Tardigrade network will also run a trusted Satellite, which aims to give Customers’ data availability and durability provide a guaranteed service level agreement (SLA).