Crypto lending company Dharma launches P2P transfer payment service

Crypto lending company Dharma announced that its iOS app will support P2P transfer payment services. Dharma says users can send and receive dollars and earn interest from anywhere in the world. Lianwen previously reported that this month Dharma announced the launch of the iOS App Store, allowing users to lend US dollars directly after linking a debit card through a mobile app, earning up to 7.3% annual interest. The new version of Dharma is officially launched. The revised Dharma provides a simple and easy-to-use user experience, and the deposit function based on Dai or US dollars. After linking the debit card, you can convert your national currency (peso, ruble, yuan, etc.) into Dharma. Interest-bearing U.S. dollars and supports withdrawals at any time. Dharma uses the unmanaged wallet Dharma Smart Wallet, where user keys are located on the device, not in the cloud, so it remains highly secure, and once the device is lost, Dharma can help restore your account.