Decentralized liquidity aggregator Totle Swap implements optimal price selection from multiple DEXs without charge

Totle Swap, a decentralized liquidity aggregator, has launched an updated version to enhance the user experience and reduce user transaction fees. Third-party websites can also integrate Totle Swap in web pages. Totle Swap is an aggregation exchange tool that selects the best rate for users from multiple decentralized trading platforms (DEX). In the user interface, Totle Swap will display the trading path of the aggregated exchange, as well as the price difference and slippage information of each trading platform. Totle Swap said that their aggregated trading function will not charge transaction fees during the Beta phase, and that it can provide users with up to 50% transaction cost savings through the integration of GasToken. Totle Swap already supports most major trading protocols such as Kyber, Uniswap, Bancor, Compound, Fulcrum and Synthetix.