F2Pool co-founder Shenyu: If the currency price continues to fall, it will have a greater impact on highly leveraged miners and older mining machines

During the online live broadcast of the Global Supercomputing Industry Summit at the top of TokenInsight’s computing power, F2Pool co-founder and Cobo co-founder Shenyu said that due to the recent high degree of financial linkage, the currency circle miners have also fallen into an economic crisis, especially for high- For leveraged miners, it was a big shock. If the price of the currency continues to fall, plus the upcoming halving of Bitcoin, it will have a fatal impact on some miners using high leverage. At present, some miners are already on the verge of loss or bankruptcy, and it is basically difficult to recover the electricity bill, especially after halving. If the currency price continues to fall, even if the flood season comes, unless the cost of electricity prices drops to about a cent, it will not be able to continue to generate revenue, which will have a relatively large impact on old models of mining machines and highly leveraged miners.