Filecoin launches testnet rewards program, miners can compete for a total of 4 million Filecoin token rewards

The decentralized storage project Filecoin released the Filecoin testnet rewards program. Miners around the world can compete for global and regional awards totaling 4 million Filecoin tokens. Miners can obtain more rewards in two ways: 1. The size of the reward fund pool increases with the increase of the total storage capacity of the network; 2. The total reward fund pool is allocated strictly according to the proportion of mining contributions, depending on their increase Of storage capacity as a percentage of total network storage. The reward rules including any rewards will be written into the genesis block and will be released linearly within 6 months after the mainnet launch. In addition, Filecoin will use the SDR copy proof (very similar to the structure of the current testnet) for the testnet reward program and mainnet launch. Lianwen note, the testnet rewards program is a collaborative competition designed to stress test the network, encourage global participation and help miners prepare for the world’s largest distributed storage network.