Beijing develops and distributes the blockchain industry, and will build a data intelligence infrastructure such as a blockchain service platform

According to the Beijing Daily, the Beijing Municipal Government held an executive meeting yesterday to study the city’s blockchain innovation and development action plan and other matters. When studying the “Beijing Blockchain Innovation Development Action Plan (2020-2022)”, the meeting pointed out that the development and layout of the blockchain industry is an important measure for Beijing to build a national science and technology innovation center. To strengthen innovation leadership, the government takes the stage to organize and promote basic research and core technology research, accelerate the construction of the underlying open source platform and common infrastructure, nurture blockchain head companies, and seize the commanding heights of industry development. To strengthen the construction of application scenarios. The municipal department strengthens overall planning, improves the system and mechanism, implements relevant supporting policies, and creates a favorable environment for promoting the innovation and development of the blockchain industry. In addition, Beijing issued “Several Opinions on Accelerating the Cultivation of New Formats and New Models to Promote the High-Quality Development of Beijing’s Economy” and five action plans, including the “Beijing Action Plan for Accelerating New Infrastructure Construction (2020-2022).” The plan pointed out that building a data intelligent infrastructure, including a blockchain service platform. Specifically, it is to cultivate leading enterprises and backbone enterprises of blockchain technology, and form a highland of R&D innovation and industrial applications. Build a list of key blockchain enterprises in Beijing, and do a good job in service and technology promotion. Build a government affairs blockchain support service platform to provide “oversight and sharing” blockchain application support services to all departments in the city. Focusing on key areas such as people’s livelihood services, public safety, and social credit, we explore the use of blockchain technology to improve industry data transactions, regulatory security, and integrated application effects. Combined with the construction of a free trade pilot zone, it supports the development of blockchain applications for e-commerce, electronic transactions and cross-border digital trade, and improves the security and credibility of various transactions and data circulation.