Opium.exchange lists Balancer to manage the option market of token BAL

Opium.exchange’s option service ZEPO launches Balancer governance token BAL. In the future, it plans to launch the governance token COMP of the lending platform Compound. By simulating the price of the underlying asset, ZEPO can provide call option tokens with a strike price of zero, which means that DeFi traders can use the platform to trade tokens before they are traded in the secondary market. The option contract is a European option and therefore cannot be redeemed before expiration. ZEPO is settled in cash, and each settlement will be made in stable currency instead of BAL. In the token BAL launched this time, a ZEPO stands for 10BAL, which means that the buyer in each transaction will receive a stable currency worth 10 BAL settled in DAI or USDC at the settlement on July 1. For tokens that still lack liquidity, this will be an effective tool for traders to price multiple tokens such as Balancer in the future.