Parity engineers complete the asset transfer between the relay chain and the Poka parallel chain on the test network

Bastian Köcher, an engineer at the Boka development company Parity, said that he has successfully completed the transfer of assets between the relay chain and the Boka parallel chain on the test network Westend of Boka and Kusama. Lianwen previously reported that Gavin Wood, the founder of Polkadot, said in the community that it will enter the next stage of “Poka”, “NPoS”, on Wednesday or Thursday at the earliest. According to the official Polkadot network line diagram, when the first phase of PoA runs smoothly and there are enough nodes to participate, it will consider entering the next phase of NPoS (Proof of Nomination). In the NPoS phase, the network will be run by a set of decentralized verification nodes, and the Web3 Foundation will increase the number of verification nodes with administrator rights. After going through the third stage (Governance) and the fourth stage (Remove Sudo), the fifth stage will open the transfer function.