Ethereum Domain Name System ENS 280,000 domain names will expire on August 2nd, alibaba.eth is the highest bidding domain name

The 280,000 domain names on the Ethereum domain name system ENS will expire on August 2, including domain names such as the world’s top 500 companies, celebrities and cryptocurrency companies, and keywords in the encryption field. According to Dune Analytics data, about 82% of these domain names have been registered by 2019. At the same time, the team conducted a research and analysis of 23,000 domain names to find the domain name whose auction price was much higher than the lowest auction price for the first auction in 2017. The domain name with the highest bid was alibaba.eth, and the bid was 301 ETH. Lianwen previously reported that the Ethereum Domain Name System ENS issued a notice to remind users to renew domain name services. The announcement stated that users who registered the .ETH domain name in the early days of ENS’s establishment (then did not make a public bid) need to renew, otherwise they will lose the domain name after expiration in August