BitMEX lawsuit plaintiff BMA LLC requires the court to issue an order to retain BitMEX-related email data on Twilio

According to Law360, BitMEX lawsuit plaintiff BMA LLC requires a California federal judge to issue an order to retain all BitMEX-related email data held by Twilio, a US cloud communications platform, and claims that these records can prove that the exchange operates illegally in the United States. BMA is worried that without this command, BitMEX may delete all records. BMA estimates that Twilio has about 30,000 email records related to BitMEX operations. Lianwen previously reported that plaintiff BMA LLC accused BitMEX and its operators of facilitating a large number of illegal activities, including fraudulent commercial transactions, wire transfer fraud, money laundering, illegal fund raising, and market manipulation. In this regard, BitMEX refuted the lawsuit initiated by the plaintiff BMA LLC on the basis of false allegations. A spokesperson for HDR Global Trading, BitMEX’s parent company, said the content of the lawsuit was obviously revised based on information collected from the Internet.