Wanchain integrates the stablecoin USDT across the chain and releases a matching desktop light wallet

Wanchain announced the cross-chain integration of the stablecoin USDT. As the stable currency USDT with the largest number of users and the most abundant application scenarios, the cross-chain connection with the Wanchain main network will allow USDT to connect to other mainstream public chains (such as EOS) in addition to BTC, Ethereum, and Tron. It also lays a solid foundation for Wanchain to open up the traditional financial system and achieve more commercial landing. Wanchain also released a new version of Wanchain desktop light wallet (V1.2.1) that is compatible with cross-chain USDT. Users can directly manage USDT assets on the wallet and operate through a visual interface to complete the cross-chain USDT to WUSDT transfer. .