Ethereum-based enterprise-level protocol developed by Microsoft, EY, and ConsenSys

The Ethereum-based enterprise-level protocol Baseline Protocol officially opens the source code to GitHub, which was jointly developed by ConsenSys, accounting firm Ernst & Young, and Microsoft. The Baseline Protocol allows corporate customers to access services built on the Ethereum blockchain without revealing private information, thereby solving the problem of synchronizing data with partners.Currently, it is difficult to use internal record-keeping systems such as ERP and CRM to achieve data synchronization. The blockchain solution has the risk of exposing trade secrets to potential competitors, making many people unable to use public blockchains. The protocol uses communications, digital signatures, zero-knowledge algorithms and other technologies to create a common reference frame that teams need to keep in sync with. Each step in the workflow is separate, and workers who are only responsible for some steps in the process will not have information about other steps. The project was supported by the participation of 12 companies and organizations including Duke University, AMD, ChainLink and MakerDAO.